Réussir [ray u seer] is the French word meaning “to achieve”. At Réussir, we believe that Achievement should not only be obtained, but must be maintained. 

Réussir School of Modeling, Acting, and Refinement provides a curriculum in which both males and females interested in enhancing the achiever within can flourish. Our curriculum is extensive, detailed, and more importantly effective in Entertainment and Corporate America. We provide professional training in the following arenas: Fashion industry (models, designers, buyers, etc.); Acting/Entertainment industry; Self-improvement (speech projection, poise and posture, interviewing, resume building, etc.). Réussir’s students are educated by a professional staff member with extensive experience in their respective industry; such as, print and runway models, public speakers, actors/actresses, Make-Up Artists, and many more. All staff members are proficient in the constantly changing fashion/entertainment climate and possess first-hand knowledge on how to be successful. Each session is equipped with a professional instructor, competent intern/assistant, and specific tools tailored for each industry.

Réussir takes a passionate approach in making sure that enrolled students will graduate with an imprinted knowledge of the industry, a personal assertiveness for success, and a professional plan of achievement and maintenance. We are confident that our curriculum will not only educate but increase our students’ self-esteem, outlook on life and its positive benefits. Our students will be able to apply all that has been taught to them to whatever path they decide to travel; as well as recycle the knowledge and impart it to others that they encounter. 



Model, Actress, Business professional, Brand Ambassador, Model Coach/Coordinator, and Community Activist, Aushia Smith is definitely on the rise. 

As an actress and plus model of over 20 years, Aushia has appeared in commercials like Pink Oil Moisturizer, Leggs Pantyhose, etc and graced runways and magazines for NY Fashion Week, Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Pearlina Designs, and an abundance of independent fashion shows and designers across the country. Aushia Smith also partners her poise and posture with public speaking. She has made guest appearances on the Dr. Oz Show, Fashion segments on Fox 5 DC, spoken at different conferences, summits, and expos such as Beauty by Nature Expo and Southern Women’s Shows not to mention being a Brand Ambassador for National Curves Day Inc.

Aushia has worked in theater, television, and film with David E. Talbert, Morris Chestnut, Michelle Williams, Billy Dee Williams, LEON, JD Lawrence, Curtis King, to name a few. She is also the CEO of Noir Productions, an entertainment company that services project management/coordination, talent booking, tour management, talent liaison needs and more, becoming one of entertainments top names in business. Her business also allots her the opportunity to work and volunteer with communities across the USA. She is now venturing off into film production. 

After 18 years of teaching in an industry that she loves and being involved in a number of success stories of her students, Aushia has just launched Réussir, School of Modeling, Acting and Refinement where achieving is extensively taught to be maintained and not just obtained. Whether corporate or entertainment industry, it’s curriculum reaches from poise/posture, runway, speech projection to interviewing skills, wardrobe planning and more for males and females ages 6 and above. Along with Réussir, Aushia also performs the service of model coordinating for a number of productions across the USA. It’s more than just placing models in a line but igniting a fire of confidence and knowledge in each person encountered. Aushia also serves as an ambassador, consultant, consultant, and advisory board member for National Curves Day.

Aushia Smith continues her quest of success through her passion for life.

Knowing is not enough we must apply. Willing is not enough we must do.
— Bruce Lee