Tiara Bree

Hi, I’m Tiara Bree, a professional model currently in Orlando Florida.  The fashion and entertainment industry is an exciting a challenging place.  I credit my success to my amazing modeling and acting teachers when I first started in 2005.  I want to give special thanks to Aushia and Mwanawah Smith.  They personally taught me how to hone my craft, improve my skills, and essentially get where I am today.  Their teachings in etiquette, makeup, runway walking, and acting all helped me excel in modeling and acting.   I have been in a national commercial for Florida State College at Jacksonville, published in Delicious Dolls Magazine, and walked the runways in Funkshion Fashion Week in Miami and much more.  Using the skills I learned with Aushia and Mwanawah, I have become dedicated, driven and determined to make it in this fast-paced industry.  Modeling and acting are ever-growing industries and with the right teachers and the right mindset, success is but a small step away.

Samara Ham
Model/Actress/Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2012

If it wasn't for Ms. Aushia and Ms. Kiki, I wouldn't have gotten thus far in modeling. When I first decided to start, I was a nervous wreck. I wasn't sure if I was going to be good enough or even remotely come close to being successful in this industry. I've learned that this industry is one big competition to the finish line. It takes a lot of courage and dedication to be focused on it. Ms. Aushia has taught me everything I need to know from the basic poses, facial expressions, makeup-tutorials, runway....EVERYTHING. Once I finished all my classes it was time to graduate. My first fashion show was coming up and I knew there was going to be agents there casting us as we rip the runway. At the end of the night, I met with six agents that gave me a callback! I had also won first place in my division and was awarded a 50% scholarship for IMTA in L.A. (International Modeling & Talent Association)

I can't explain how happy I was. One of the ladies who scouted me was from Premiere Model Management. She seemed to have the most to offer me so I decided to go ahead and sign with her to start my career. I did my first photo shoot and had comp-cards made. I distributed them to several different agencies from all over the U.S., like I said it’s a tough industry to break into. I got a few comp-cards sent back to me especially from Elite Models folded in half...Now if that wasn't a letdown, I don't know what it is. I didn't give up then, time just went by and I had nothing coming my way for castings. I decided to further my experience by attending IMTA 2010 in Los Angeles, Ca. I attended workshops every month in Orlando to prepare for this once in a lifetime opportunity. As the days narrowed down, it was time to go to IMTA and give it my all in front of hundreds of agents from all over the world scouting each model and actor/actress in hopes for NEW FACES. I competed in TV Host, Jeans, Swimwear and High Fashion Wear. I got a total of 18 callbacks including one from an agent that is based out of my home country, Thailand. Out of all the callbacks I had, I chose to go up to New York to meet up with an agent for Aristo Models. It didn't work out so well since I was so young and couldn't live on my own in NYC. I never followed through with it. Moving to Tennessee, I didn't have much of a choice but to start pageantry. It seemed like the only way to get my foot in the door. My first pageant was Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2011 where I didn't even place in the Top 15. That following year I decided to compete again but with the help of my pageant coach, Tiffany Love, I worked so hard in the studio to prepare for this next pageant. Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2012 I took the crown home with me. My biggest accomplishment yet! I wouldn't have had the courage to do any of this, If Ms. Aushia and Ms. Kiki didn't put a little pep into my walk. I can't ever thank them enough, until I make it to the top that is ;) You can't work it, if you haven't worked!!”

Shay Davis “Runway Diva Shay”

I met Ms. Aushia during a model coaching session and I was immediately drawn to her. She brought life into the room! She inspired me and was an awesome role model for me for so long and I don't even think she knew it. Ms. Aushia introduced me into a market of modeling that I had no idea about and I'm currently making money in that market to this day. I've continuously watched her succeed over the years and I'm so grateful to have her in my life. I look forward to working beside her one day so hopefully I can return the favor and inspire her!